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Name: Hero Ahmed Hama Gharib
Post: .......
Qualification: Ph.D
Academic Title: Lecturer
1) Specialize in Syntax of Kurdish Language, 
2) Text Linguistics/Kurdish Media's Language.
College: Education
Department: Kurdish Language Department
Mobile number: (+964) - 07701426415
Number of Publication with IF (ISI):      

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Short Biography

·     I taught as a Lecturer and teaching staff in Ministry of  Education in 1998-2006 in (Zakia Alkan, Rzgary, Sara , Bnar) 's Secondary -High School in Suli.
·       I am Teaching linguistics (Phonetics & Phonology , Syntax, Theories of Languages, Linguistics, History of Languages) in Kurdish Department/ College of Educations, Charmo University.
   Courses (That I gained a Certification):
1.     Functional:  tow courses one in the ministry of Education for
a. The course for teachers competence development –In Ministry of Education  1999.
b. The course for teachers competence development-In Higher Education 2009.
2.     Subjective:
a.     NLP.  /Neuro Linguistics Program's Course, under supervision The Practitioner :"Dr. Rukhosh Ghareeb Mahmud, Holand's University-2007.
b.     American University.
3.     LANGUAGE SKILLS (written & spoken):
         Kurdish, Arabic, English , and Somewhat Persian.
MS Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Movie Maker and Internet literate.

Research Interests:
  1. Syntax,
  2. Media Language,
  3. written Languages.