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Conferences and Workshops

Note: This page contains your activity in attending and participating (excluding publication and lecturing):
1. National conference (needs: CAD-G stamped letter or approval letter)
2. International conference (needs: approval letter)
3. National workshop (needs: CAD-G stamped letter or approval letter)
4. International workshop (needs: approval letter)
5. National training course (needs: CAD-G stamped letter or approval letter)
6. International training course (needs: approval letter)
* You should indicate number of days for each above activity you participated.


  Conference/Workshop type No.  No. of total days
 1National conference کۆنفرانسی ناوخۆیی  0 0
 2International conference کۆنفرانسی نێودەوڵەتی  0 0
 3National workshop ۆرکشۆپی ناوخۆیی 00
 4International workshop ۆرکشۆپی نێودەوڵەتی 00
 5National training course خولی فێرکاریی ناوخۆیی 0 0
 6International training course خولی فێرکاری نێودەوڵەتی  0 0
 Note: Indicate the no. of participated days excluding the day of paper presentation تێبینی: ژمارەی رۆژەکان مەبەست لەو رۆژانەیە کە بەشدار بووی، جگە لەو رۆژەی کە پەیپەرەکەت پێشکەش کردووە