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Academic and Scientific Committees

Note: This page is about your activity in participating and heading different committees;
1. Department and school committee (needs; Farmani Bashi)
2. Faculty committees (needs: Farmani College)
3. University committees (needs: Farmani Zankoi)
4. Ministry committees (needs: Farmani Wazarai)
5. Promotion committee (needs: Farmani Zancoi)
6. Faculty TQA Committee (needs: Farmani College)
7. Department TQA Committee (needs: Farmani Bashi)
8. All other yearly committees (needs: Farmani College or Farmani Zancoi)
9. External assessor

  Committee Type No.
 1Department committee لیژنەکانی بەش 0
 2College committee لیژنەکانی كولژ 0
 3University committee لیژنەکانی زانکۆ 0
 4Ministry committee لیژنەکانی وەزارەت
 5Promotion committee لیژنەکانی پلە بەرزکرندنەوە 0
 6University TQA
لیژنەی دڵنیایی جۆری زانکۆ
 7College TQA Committee لیژنەی دڵنیایی جۆری كولژ 0
 8Department TQA Committee لیژنەی دڵنیایی جۆری بەش 0
 9Conference/Workshop organization committee لیژنەی ئاماده كارى كونفرانسي زانستى 0
 10External assessor هەڵسەنگێنەری دەرەکی 0