Academic Activities & Prizes


    1.     Lecturer at Charmo University.

    2.     Head of at Scientific Committee of the Department,

    3.     Member of Scientific Committee of the College of Education/University of Charmo,

    4.     Member of college Examination committee of Higher Education/Master students sign ups, and final examination(three times)

    5.     Member of College Examination Committee, College of Education/Sulaimani and Charmo University (ungraduated students).

    6.     Presenting Seminars to University Instructors

    7.     Attending Seminars by University Colleagues

    8.     Supervising Fourth Stage Students' Research Papers

    9.     I received more than ten Honors and Appreciation Letters.

    10.  I was Head of Kurdish Department Language/College of Education (2015-2017),

    11.  participated in more than 25 committees, and more than six conference.

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My Awarded Prizes: